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Bra Problem Guides

Prominent Ribcage

For some women, underwire bras are uncomfortable even when they are properly fitted and wearing a good bra. If your underwire digs into you and nothing will fix the problem, it is possible that you have a high ribcage.

Some people simply have a more prominent ribcage than others. If you think you may have a high ribcage, try pressing your finger directly under the breasts, where your wire would normally lie. If you can feel a hard bump in this spot, than you have a rib right underneath the space for your underwire.

Best Bras for a Prominent Ribcage

The simple solution to this bra problem is to try a great soft cup bra, or a bra without underwires. While you may associate wire-free bras with boring, full-coverage styles, there are now more soft-cup bras on the market than ever before. Many have lower V-necklines and are surprisingly supportive. For a wire-free bra that looks like a “regular” bra, try a molded or contour soft cup bra.